Assessing the health benefits of development interventions

Lucy S Tusting, Sandy Cairncross, Ramona Ludolph, Raman Velayudhan, Anne L Wilson , Steven W Lindsay
  • To achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3—healthy lives and well-being for all people—development interventions (such as improved housing, water and sanitation) are critically needed in addition to biomedical interventions (such as drugs, vaccines and insecticides).
  • However, many development interventions, such as house screening for vector-borne disease control, remain neglected in global health policy today.
  • A major reason for this neglect is a requirement for evidence from rigorous systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials, which were designed for biomedical interventions and are poorly-suited to most development interventions.
  • A new framework for assessing the health benefits of development interventions is urgently needed for the health sector to support and fully leverage the potential of the SDGs.