Comparative Field Trial of Alternative Vector Control Strategies for Non-Domiciliated Triatoma dimidiata

Jan 2010
Ferral, J; Chavez-Nunez, L; Euan-Garcia, M; Ramirez-Sierra, MJ; Najera-Vazquez, MR; Dumonteil, E


Chagas disease is a major vector-borne disease, and regional initiatives based on insecticide spraying have successfully controlled domiciliated vectors in many regions. Non-domiciliated vectors remain responsible for a significant transmission risk, and their control is a challenge. We performed a proof-of-concept field trial to test alternative strategies in rural Yucatan, Mexico. Follow-up of house infestation for two seasons following the interventions confirmed that insecticide spraying should be performed annually for the effective control of Triatoma dimidiata; however, it also confirmed that insect screens or long-lasting impregnated curtains may represent good alternative strategies for the sustained control of these vectors. Ecosystemic peridomicile management would be an excellent complementary strategy to improve the cost-effectiveness of interventions. Because these strategies would also be effective against other vector-borne diseases, such as malaria or dengue, they could be integrated within a multi-disease control program.