Dr Hector Altamirano

Deputy Network Director

Dr Altamirano-medina is a Senior lecturer at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering. He is a building scientist with an interest in the health impact of buildings and a wide-ranging experience in the indoor environment and operational performance of buildings, the development of mould and humidity conditions, in-situ monitoring, field surveys and experimental setup of buildings and its components. The outcome of Dr Altamirano-Medina’s work on the Humidity in Dwellings project (2005-2007) for DCLG was incorporated into Appendix A of the ADF 2010 and now forms part of the Building regulations for England and Wales. He significantly contributed to the establishment of the Healthy Infrastructure Research Group at the UCL Department of Civil and Geomatic Engineering funded under the EPSRC Challenging Engineering Programme (EP/G029881/1). He managed the AirPath: Working group on Outdoor Environments, Pathogens in Air and Human health project (2009-2010) funded under the joint Environment and Human Health Programme. He has worked with MSc students in studies related to indoor and outdoor air pollution and infectious disease transmission in housing, from which papers have been published and presented in conferences and international meetings such as Healthy Buildings Europe 2015 and the Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control organised by the Harvard School of Public Health. Currently, Dr Altamirano-Medina is working in a number of moisture related research projects prepared in partnership with industry and public institutions and with the strong support of the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB), where he serves as Academic Director.