Home improvement and system-based health promotion for sustainable prevention of Chagas disease: A qualitative study

June 2019
Claudia Nieto-Sanchez, Benjamin R. Bates, Darwin Guerrero, Sylvia Jimenez, Esteban G. Baus, Koen Peeters Grietens, Mario J. Grijalva


Human transmission of Chagas disease (CD) most commonly occurs in domiciliary spaces where triatomines remain hidden to feed on blood sources during inhabitants’ sleep. Similar to other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), sustainable control of CD requires attention to the structural conditions of life of populations at risk, in this case, the conditions of their living environments. Considering socio-cultural and political dynamics involved in dwellings’ construction, this study aimed to explore social factors that contribute or limit sustainability of CD’s prevention models focused on home improvement.