Manual on environmental management for mosquito control, with special emphasis on malaria vectors (1982)

World Health Organization

The aim of this Manual is to provide information on environmental management techniques,
methods and practices in the control of mosquito vectors of malaria and other diseases. It
is intended in the first place to help vector control workers to familiarize themselves with
these techniques, methods and practices, and to enable them to carry out simple environmental
management works especially in the context of primary health care activities. Secondly the
Manual can assist planners, designers and constructors of water resources development projects
to appreciate the health implications of such projects and to design and operate them in ways
that will prevent or reduce the introduction and spread of mosquito-borne diseases. The
Manual can be used as a reference book in daily practice, for the training of staff, or for
the preparation of staff manuals for use in vector control programmes and water resource
development projects.
Some limitations in the scope of the Manual were unavoidable because of the lack of any
comprehensive experience of the application of environmental management measures to control
mosquito vectors of disease. Therefore, although the principles outlined are universally
sound, adjustments to local conditions will be required in applying them.
Although the Manual deals principally with environmental management for the control of
mosquito vectors, many of the works and operations described can be effectively used against
certain other vectors.

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