Latest news from the BOVA Network


1. As promised the conclusions from Day 2 of our BOVA Second Open Network Meeting, where we developed research ideas, have been written up and published in a paper entitled “Research agenda for preventing mosquito-transmitted diseases through improving the built environment in sub-Saharan Africa”


2. Welcome to Dorothy Baziwe, newly appointed to our management team.

Dorothy is Executive Director of Shelter and Settlements Alternatives: Uganda Settlements Network Many of you will remember Dorothy’s talk from the same Open Network Meeting mentioned above. She brings a wealth of experience in microfinancing of affordable homes.


3. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation held a convention on Vector Control & the Built Environment in Atlanta, USA 6th -8th November 2019.

This convening brought together key Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases stakeholders - academics, entomologists, housing authorities, companies, and non-governmental organizations to uncover opportunities for collaboration and impact. The BOVA Network was well represented by a good number of our members including six from our management board: Dorothy Baziwe, Tom Burkot, Jakob Knudsen, Steve Lindsay, Charles Mbogo and Anne Wilson. Our recently published paper (see above) was part of the reading material provided to participants – testament to the fact that the BOVA Network is ahead of the game here.


4. BOVA Network co-director Steve Lindsay has been invited to serve on a Lancet Commission on Arboviral Diseases, his role will be to give advice on sustainable cities. These commissions take two years to draw together all the latest evidence on a topic, with their findings eventually published in a special edition of the journal. They have international clout with the Lancet’s editor able to invite lead people from organisations such as the IMF and World Bank to contribute. The outcome will definitely have the weight to affect international policy – that is absolutely their aim.

So this is all very good news for what we hoped the BOVA Network would set in motion, I feel we are now pushing against an open door – keep going everyone!