White paper on mosquito exclusion doors and windows


The Global Good Fund at Intellectual Ventures, Durham University, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and the Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia (MRCG) have been collaborating on a project to design novel doors and windows designed to keep houses free of mosquitoes.  If successful, the innovative doors and windows could be used to reduce indoor transmission of insect-borne diseases like malaria. 

Architect Jakob Knudsen of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts designed new doors and windows featuring bent panels with vented slots that prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.  The vented slots allow increased comfort by enabling greater air flow than traditional solid construction.  The bent panel design increases strength while appearing completely solid, thereby providing both security and privacy. 

Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, an affiliate of Global Good designed and manufactured a second generation of doors that are currently being tested in a pilot field trial in Wellingara village, The Gambia. A modular design was developed for prototype doors and windows, which allowed different configurations of panels to be evaluated in the field. The trial involves thirty homes, 24 of which have improved doors and windows (in different configurations) and 6 of which are unchanged and serve as a control. The video shows installation of novel doors and windows in the village.  Data are being collected to compare mosquito numbers in the different houses and see if the houses with novel doors and windows are more or less comfortable than traditional houses.  Outcomes from the field evaluation in sub-Saharan Africa will inform future design iterations.