Workshops to write grant proposals - call now closed!

Following the BOVA Open Network Meeting in Nairobi earlier this year, the network is hoping to support up to six academic groups and their plans for gaining funding to carry out research relevant to the aims and objectives of the network. We are opening the call for workshop leads who will bring together people to write a grant proposal to a suitable funder of their choice. Please see sidebar for further guidance and application form.

Pump-prime Funding - call now closed!

The BOVA Network has funding available to help pump-prime collaborative research projects that genuinely bring together researchers in the built environment with those working on the control of vector-borne diseases.

We will finance 8-10 research grants valued at between £50,000 to £100,000, each of 12 months duration. There is a two stage application process.  The first stage submission has now closed and successful applicants are being invited to submit full proposals for consideration in the next stage with a closing date of 20th February 2018!