Pump-prime projects

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Adamu Addissie

Preventing vector-borne disease outbreaks in emergent peri-urban settings: a transdisciplinary study on the Integrated Housing Development Programme in Jimma, Ethiopia

Steve Lindsay

Computer fluid dynamics modelling of indoor climate in rural sub-Saharan African houses

Kamija Phiri

Filming the unseen

Francis Mutuku

Trash to Treasure: Collecting trash for profit to reduce vector breeding sites in Kwale County, Kenya

Francisco Saute

Screening mosquito entry points into houses with novel long-lasting insecticidal netting to reduce indoor vector densities and mitigate pyrethroid-resistance

Fredros Okumu

Using low-cost mosquito-repellent chairs to provide day and night protection against mosquito-borne illness

Jakob Knudsen

Will raised buildings reduce malaria transmission in sub-Saharan Africa and keep homes cool

Uli Fillinger

Designing low-cost floors to control tungiasis