A.R. Fiacre AGOSSA

A.R. Fiacre

Research Assistant/Policy Advisor
Vector borne diseases
Centre de Recherche Entomologique de Cotonou (CREC), Benin
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases, Health, Built Environment
  • Higher Education Institution/University
  • National Government


Formerly known as the Coordination and Cooperation Organization for the Control of Large Tropical Diseases (OCCGE), the Regional Centre for Entomological Research of Cotonou (CREC) was created in 1983 as a field station linked to Centre Muraz at Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. In 1989, in recognition of its achievements and immense contribution to research, it was raised to the status of a research Centre and became a research institution of the Ministry of Health of Benin. The centre is specialized in malaria research with two main principal units: • Entomological Unit which conduct studies on the  Bio-ecology of Vectors  Vector control tools development  Monitoring & Evaluation on the effectiveness of vectors control tool. Environment modification.... • Clinical parasitological Unit which conduct studies on  Clinical trials on drugs The centre regularly trains MSc and PhD students from both national and international Universities. Majority of its research activities are conducted in close collaboration with oversee international institutuions. The centre is engaged with NMCPs and others programs for vector borne diseases elimination especially malaria.

Organisation details

Centre de Recherche Entomologique de Cotonou (CREC), Benin