Bernard Abong'o


Research Officer
Kenya Medical Research Institute, Center for Global Health Research (KEMRI-CGHR) Kisumu, Kenya
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases
  • Higher Education Institution/University


Kenya Medical Research Institute, Center for Global Health Research, was established as a a malaria research center in western Kenya, a region which is endemic for malaria. The Center has grown over time to a world class center of excellence in malaria research and other tropical diseases. It has been a center for some of the ground breaking clinical trials and drug studies such as malaria vaccine trials and the early bed net studies in the 90s. The institute works in search for better health to alleviate suffering caused by different tropical diseases by leading research into a better, healthier future. I have worked at the research Institute for about 10 years now, training as an entomologist and working in different capacities. Much of my work has been in implementation of mosquito control methods, House screening, LLINs and IRS, malaria vector surveillance and insecticide resistance monitoring. I am interested in joining this network because I am convinced that house improvement offers a more permanent and sustainable vector control in Africa. I have recently lead a team in screening eaves of over 300 houses in a small village near Kisumu city, western Kenya and reduced indoor occurrence of mosquitoes by 64%. I currently work with a community based youth group to screen houses within their village. Acceptance is great, and the only missing link is bringing together different partners in house construction and health, especially vector biologists to promote insect proof housing in African. It is unfortunate to know that many modern houses both in rural and urban areas lack the basic features that would prevent entry of mosquitoes. I am therefore very exited to learn of the existance of such a network that would promote house improvement for control of malaria in Africa.

Organisation details

Kenya Medical Research Institute, Center for Global Health Research (KEMRI-CGHR) Kisumu, Kenya