Caroline Ochieng


Research Fellow
Energy, Health and Environment
Stockholm Environment Institute
Area of expertise: Health, Development, Built Environment
  • Non-governmental Organisation


The Stockholm Environment Institute is an international non-profit research organization that has worked with environment and development issues from local to global policy levels for a quarter of a century. SEI works to shift policy and practice towards sustainability. SEI's work on biomass energy use at the household scale focuses on identifying and designing the kinds of actions that are most likely to create opportunities for households to reduce their biomass fuel use and/or switch to cleaner sources of energy. Such actions could address a technical gap, for example more efficient stoves/fuel production systems. They may instead address a financial barrier, such as micro finance, that enables some form of behaviour change, or a policy need such as changes in government subsidies, or pricing reform in the electricity sector. The network is an opportunity to define our household energy work within the broader context of healthy home environment, and to have more broad based solutions that can improve health and well-being.

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Stockholm Environment Institute