christophe antonio nkondjio

antonio nkondjio

Malaria research laboratory
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases
  • Multilateral Organisation


My Organisation OCEAC is a subregional organization fighting against endemic diseases in the central Africa Region through research and training. We are interested in joining the network because we believe this will give us an opportunity gain experience and work towards a better prevention of vector borne diseases by exploring need strategies which have not been tested in Central Africa so far and which can help prevent more efficiently vector borne diseases. Central Africa is one of the areas across the world most affected by vector borne diseases. In addition to malaria the area is always affected by several outbreaks of arbovirus diseases such as chikungugnya, dengue and yellow fever. Main measures used to fight against vector borne diseases particularly malaria are LLINs or IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying). These insecticide based interventions are now been challenged by the rapid expansion of insecticide resistance and change in vector feeding and biting behaviour. For vectors of arboviruses the challenge is even more higher since vectors of these diseases bites mostly during the day and this requires a different control approach. That's why it becomes essential to explore other alternative measures in order to improve the control of these vector borne diseases. In this context, preventing vector borne diseases through improving the built environment in addition to core interventions, could appear as a lasting solution to the problem. We believe eliminating malaria or vector borne diseases will require the implementation of integrated control approaches taking in consideration the peculiarities of each environmental condition in order to be successful.

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