Chief Research Scientist
Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences
Ifakara Health Institute
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases
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Ifakara Health Institute is well known as a leading research organization in Africa due to strong track record in developing, testing and validating innovations for health. The institute is mandated for research, training and services, and it has work span of wide spectrum covering from environmental health and ecological sciences (EHES), Interventions and Clinical Trials (ICT), Health Systems Research (HSR) and Policy Translations (PT). The EHES department, where I am working, is globally known for its work on large scale epidemiological and entomological research on malaria. This vibrant group currently has >20 postdoctoral scientists and collaborators, and >20 post-graduate students collectively working on the ecology, behavior and control of mosquito-borne diseases, NTD, WASH and Solid Waste Management, and Mathematical Modeling. Recently, EHES has expanded its focus on malaria and lymphatic filarias to addition of Dengue, Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and Zika. As a chief research scientist working within EHES, I am an infectious disease ecologist with passion on ecology, behavior, designing and evaluating novel control strategies of vector borne diseases including malaria, and arboviruses such as Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya. I have focused my research on environmental management of vector borne diseases for >10 years now. During this time, I have opportunity to develop semi-field systems, and model villages for investigating ecology and control of mosquito vectors. I have also pioneered the designing of mosquito-proof dwelling houses within the semi-field systems (model village), and in the field settings. These works involved collaboration between experts in built environments and the vector borne disease. I have realized success of my research has been hugely anchored participating in different consortia such as AVECNET, MSD and recently BOHEMIA. I am therefore interested to join BOVA network to continue expanding my collaborations and developing consortia with researchers in the field of built environment and vector-borne diseases for different funding opportunities.

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