Jewelna Akorli


Research Fellow
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases, Health
  • Higher Education Institution/University


Dr. Akorli has broad interests in mosquito-borne disease and Neglected Tropical Disease research. She aims to contribute to understanding host-vector-parasite interactions by applying the in-depth information that can be obtained from using genomic tools. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Ghana in 2006, with First Class Honours. She served as a National Service Person at the Department of Parasitology at Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), during which period she was involved in a WHO/TDR funded project which monitored LF transmission following MDA in endemic towns and villages in the Central Region of Ghana. 

She won a scholarship from the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, UK from 2009-2012, and graduated with a doctorate degree in 2013. Her postgraduate research work involved studying the genetics and ecological factors in mosquito vector competence. Her recent projects under the WACCBIP and CAPREx Fellowships investigated interactions between environment, mosquito vectors, symbionts, human host and mosquito-borne parasites, to increase knowledge and advance efforts in new strategies for disease control in endemic settings.

Organisation details

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) is the leading biomedical research institute on Ghana. It is comprised of of 9 departments, which includes Parasitology, Virology, Bacteriology and Immunology. The Institute is engaged in cutting-edge research and training in biomedical sciences. As a Molecular Entomologist, my research interest is in curbing vector-borne diseases.