John Rek


Study Coordinator
Infectious Diseases Research Organisation (IDRC-Uganda)
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases
  • Non-governmental Organisation


IDRC-Uganda, is a not for profit NGO with head quarters in Kampala Uganda. Through partnerships and collaborations, the institution conducts research in infectious diseases including Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV but also other diseases of public health importance. I recently worked on a manuscript (With Dr. Lucy Tusting) that document the effect of housing on malaria risk after mass scale up of Indoor Residual Insecticide in a rural area of Uganda. This helped me understand better the role of housing in control of malaria-an area that has not gained much focus as important for control of malaria. I was also privileged to attend the BOVA meeting at the ASTMH in New Orleans, very insightful meeting that interested me more in the subject of housing and vector borne diseases.

Organisation details

Infectious Diseases Research Organisation (IDRC-Uganda)