Jordana Lyden-Swift


Partner - Architectural Designer
HereThere Architecture
Area of expertise: Built Environment
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We are an architecture practice that works with individuals and organisations striving for positive social change. Alongside my business partner Nikki McFarland the focus of our work is in assisting charities and social impact groups in their built projects. We believe that Architectural design should connect and empower people, independant of status, location or opportunities. Our aim is to improve the approach, in both initial research and design terms, to built projects around the world. Our projects work alongside a integrated social strategy and developed with strong local partners who have the capacity to sustain and operate built assets that we can assist in providing. BOVA combines both the strategy (health based) and network and connections to end users that are essential to any project we would engage with. This is a highly valuable research avenue that we would be very interested in engaging with.

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HereThere Architecture