Julie Chaccour


Scientific coordinator
Centro de Investigacao em Saude de Manhica
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases, Health
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CISM promotes and carries out biomedical research in priority health areas, with a major focus on diseases that cause most of the deaths in the world, especially in low-income countries. Its research agenda prioritises health problems that have a significant impact in Mozambique and are also relevant to other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including some of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children and adults in the developing regions worldwide (i.e. malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections, invasive bacterial diseases), as well as other maternal, infant and reproductive health priority issues. Our researchers will benefit from the BOVA membership and we believe that we can make a contribution to regional capacity building in our areas of expertise.

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Centro de Investigacao em Saude de Manhica