Roland BAMOU


PhD student and volonteers in practical teaching and trainee at OCEAC, Yaounde Cameroon in Medical Entomology
Animal Biology
University of Dschang
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases
  • Higher Education Institution/University


The general goal of the University of Dschang was to relieve the burden of the overcrowded University of Yaounde by avoiding the movement of students from North West and West regions of the country towards Yaounde, which was already chock-full. This University was to remain the centre for excellence in Tropical Agronomy. The specific mandate assigned to the Department of Animal Biology was first of all to provide basic training in the field of Animal Biology with a special emphasis on agricultural and medical applicability. Secondly, to develop multidisciplinary research teams that will establish linkages with other institutions within the country and abroad, in order to improve efficiency and attract funds for research activities. This network will help us to improve research in the domain of vector borne infectious disease and attract more student to be interested in the are of research. This will help not only those of Animal Biology department but also others of Animal production where Ticks are threatening cattle with trypanosomia, babesia and theileria.

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University of Dschang