Ukpe Ajima


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Jos
Area of expertise: Vector-borne diseases, Health
  • Higher Education Institution/University


I work at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Jos, Nigeria. The institution is one of the foremost tertiary educational institutions in North Central Nigeria. My job involves teaching and carrying out research in the pharmaceutical sciences. I am interested in joining the network because my research interest aligns with the goals and missions of the network. My research is in the area of drug discovery against tropical diseases such as malaria, filariasis and trypanosomiasis. I believe that with the knowledge and skills i possess, i will be able to positively contribute to the network. Also, i stand to gain from the networking opportunities that abound from the networks event and I may also be able to apply for funding to support my research which intersects with the aims of the network such as improving the built environment to reduce the transmission of vector borne diseases.

Organisation details

Tertiary Education Instituion